четверг, 5 апреля 2012 г.

The cat’s story
The story of animosity between two civilizations – cats and rodents – roots in antiquity. The human era was at the rudimentary stage but pitched battles between these two civilizations had already being fought. Scale of those battles amazes even military sophisticated minds.
Rage of animosity abated a little with the development of human civilization. Some species let themselves tame but rival clans of rodents and cats did not put an end to the war and continued covert guerrilla war.
New tricks were invented; technologies and peculiarity of military tactics of people were used.
All the world local conflicts were used of the rival parties for clarification of the relationship. Nowadays the rodents using high technologies have modified enslaved species and sent them to new battle with cats.
Help the furriers to cope with the next scourge!!! 

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